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Maintain the radiance of your youthful appearance

Look and feel confident with your natural skin. You can maintain healthy skin with every session at Eden SKiN Lounge in Coral Springs, Florida. Let us help you navigate our services, so you can receive the skincare you deserve. We offer the following:

  • Microneedling
  • Dermaplaning
  • Micro and Hydro dermabrasion
  • Signature Facials
  • Waxing and Hair Restoration

You can trust us to give you all details before each session. All of our services are safe even for teenagers. Contact us today to book an appointment or ask about our work.


Every facial treatment commences with a thorough skin analysis using a UV blacklight analyzer during the consultation. This analysis aids in identifying an individual’s skin type and specific requirements, allowing us to establish goals based on their expectations.

Our “Signature facials” are personalized to address each client’s unique needs and encompass a comprehensive regimen, which involves deep cleansing, a customized exfoliation process, precise extractions, the application of a nourishing masque, a relaxing massage, as well as the application of serums and moisturizers tailored to their skin.

For those seeking an even more advanced and comprehensive experience, we offer our “Enhanced signature facials,” which include a range of therapeutic techniques and technologies. These may include LED therapy, Microcurrent stimulation, Ultrasound treatments, Cryotherapy, Oxygen infusion, Hydro or Micro-dermabrasion, and high-frequency applications. These advanced treatments provide a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation and enhancement.

Revive & Rejuvenate

$100Standard Signature – (50 mins)
  • Repair barrier function with the infusion of highly moisturizing products designed to nourish dehydrated mature skin types. Red LED therapy + Microcurrent (bonus)
  • This service is amplified by adding Hydro dermabrasion, Oxygen therapy, Ultrasound and Cryo to neck and face. Increasing blood flow circulation is the focus, to promote the formation of natural collagen to aid in repairing the skin’s elasticity.

Balance & Relaxation Facial

$100Standard Signature – (60 mins)
  • Keep those wrinkles at bay for as long as you can. Wrinkles love dry and dehydrated skin. Therefore, the focus is the exfoliate dead skin then adding moisture rich cocktails to a cleaner canvas for optimal product penetration. Microdermabrasion (bonus)
  • This service is enhanced by the infusion of hydrating and nourishing serums and special masque, with the use of several modalities including Hydroderm, Oxy sprayer and Cryo.

Illuminate & Refresh

$100Standard Signature – (50 mins)
  • Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common and one of the most challenging, skin concerns in the industry. This facial is customized to target dull and uneven appearance of the skin. Improvements in texture and complexion will be the focus with specific dual exfoliation techniques. Green LED therapy (bonus)
  • If you’re serious about brightening your skin tone or lightening those stubborn hyperpigmented areas of your skin, then this advanced service is for you. Your skin will be treated to cocktails specifically designed for your skin type and exfoliations that are results driven. Additionally, our advance modalities such as the Hyroderm, Oxy sprayer and Ultrasound will ensure the optimal penetration of active ingredients such as Vit C, Glutathione, Glycolic.

Pigment & Blemishes Treatment

$150Signature – (60 mins)
  • Tailored treatments for acne-prone skin , With a primary focus on addressing pigmentation and scars. This regimen may involve procedures such as chemical peels microneeding, or microdermabrasion, alongside meticulous extractions to improve your skin's condition.

Pore Purge & Renew

$120Signature - (50 mins)
  • It is important to detoxify and deep cleanse the pores especially for oily skin. Besides hormones and other internal and external factors, acne is often a result of clogged pores from the buildup of sebum. This targeted service will focus on extractions and killing the bacteria that contributes to the inflammation and congestion of the skin. The use of high frequency Blue and Red LED Therapy and hydroderm would yield instant results.

Personalized Skin Therapy

$2002 Hrs
  • Personalized service designed by the client, in consultation with the esthetician, to target specific or multiple concerns. Any modality and any therapy that can be safely performed within the time frame allotted.

Stand-alone Specialty

  • PEELS: Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic, TCA, Mandelic -$80
  • Micro-needling (single) $180 (6 session pkg for optimal results) $1080 – 10% = $972
  • Dermaplaning $80
  • Nano needling (single) $130 (6 session pkg for optimal results) $780 – 10% = $702
  • Express Glow on the go $70
  • Back Facials $95

Clean & Confident Teen

$80Signature – (30 mins)
  • Customized to each client, this facial will service the need of the identified skin concern and offer education for home maintenance. Detox, hydration, calming with the aid of the required modality such as hydroderm, high frequency, oxygen therapy or LED and targeted serums and masks.

Hair Loss Restoration

  • Our hair restoration service is designed for males and females who are noticing gradual and progressive hair loss. We have specially formulated serums and cocktails that will be penetrated using nano needling (painless) to help with the stimulation of dying hair follicles.
  • Our hair restoration service is designed for males and females who are noticing gradual and progressive hair loss. We have specially formulated serums and cocktails that will be penetrated using nano needling (painless) to help with the stimulation of dying hair follicles.


Hard wax only

  • Face $45
  • Chest $40
  • Back $50
  • Underarms $20
  • Hands $30
  • Bikini $30
  • Brazilian $55 
  • Vajacial $45
  • Legs $60
  • Nose $15